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the clowns like you've never seen 

The Zeppas

director Philip Radice

with A.Vallin and S. Locati

The Zeppas, the musical clowns you've never seen before!
Are they a Led Zeppelin clone or a copy of Motley Crue?
Kiss's cousins or Van Halen's relatives?

An exciting and sweaty rock-clown show in tight pants and big backcombed hair.

Fourteen centimeters of heels to bring you to the Pantheon of rockstars.

An innovative and daring clowning for an improbable concert and a scratchy show.

Rock n' Roll is a faith and The Zeppas will celebrate a collective ritual where everything can happen. You will be spectators of tragicomic and surreal situations. Alex and Steve, from the high of their wedge boots, from the golden world of the rock stars, will fall in real life, showing their limitations and their weaknesses.

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