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the clowns like you've never seen 

Le Sommelier

Una degustazione ad alto tasso di comicità

with Alessandro Vallin and Stefano Locati

Director: Philip Radice

Sound creation: Luca De Marinis

God made only water, but the man did wine! (Victor Hugo)

 Wine is the song of the earth to heaven. (Luigi Veronelli)

A high sampling rate of comedy ', a show in the making, among glasses and bottles flying, extreme balancing acts, musical glasses and bottles, Freakclown explore the world of enology in their own way, with a comic 'natural and original. The two become unlikely sommeliers, creating a show that mixes live music, original and unique instruments, acrobatics, magic and poetry in a background light and misteriosa.Between jokes and surreal virtuosity enological the Freakclown take you to the magical world of wine.

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