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the clowns like you've never seen 

Forget red noses, long shoes, fancy dress anc circus music.

Are they clowns? Not so much. Are they in circus or theatre? Both.

Are they jugglers or acrobats?

Freakclown are two fellows out of time, out of pride, out of control.

Freakclown where born in September 2002 with the desire to create a company of comic theatre, beyond traditional schemes. They entrusted Alessandra Pasi and Rita Pelusio with the direction, thus adding a feminine touch to it. They studied dance with Gunter Klimer, theatre and clown theatre with Leo Bassi, Philippe Gaulier and Pierre Byland.

Since the beginnings of the duo Freakclown have been performing in circus, theatre, street all around Italy, Germany, Portugal, France, Switzerland, South Africa and Spain, they play with Cirque du Soleil in “Allavita!” an exclusive show for Expo 2015 in Milan. 

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