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L'ultima cena

with Claudio Cremonesi, Stefano Locati, Alessandro Vallin

Directed by Rita Pelusio

Sounds and nosies Luca de Marinis

Lights and shadows Marco D'Amico

Cooking suppose a light head, a generous spirit and a large heart. Paul Gauguin.

The Chef, nowadays this iconic figure is a steady presence in everyday life, a new hero handling pans and cookers in a never-ending search reaching for the ultimate taste.

From that starting point, also our Chefs throw themselves into the challenge of creating unique recipes of pure fun. 

Able to send the palate in ecstasy, to let feel the karma of taste and having tasteful papille singing of joy

On top of Michelins stars and other achievements, their goal is to get to the essence of taste, to find the main ingredient to delight the finest palate

3Chefs create their kitchen of the absurd, where senses are titillated “à la carte” among tasty stunts and virtuosity for a “dinner without food” that won’t let you fast your soul. What a better nurture than funniness, lymph for body and mind, delicious food for  soul.

One after the other comic acts linked to the world of kitchen and culinary art.

Juggling with ladles, acrobatic trays, live music played with pots and spoons, everything with a dressing of physical theatre on steroids, in a direct line with the audience.. help yourself with fun!

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