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3Chefs are ready to prepare very tasty dishes, juicy and succulent, with a non stop flow of comic acts inspired and linked to the world of cooking art. Scoops juggling, acrobatic trays, pots and spoons playing live music, everything mixed with a physical theatre taken to the next level. A very delicious menu! 

Theatre shows, television appeareances, meetings or gala dinners, events of any kind:  3 Chefs would entertain with spectacular acts on stage (lasting 4-7 minutes each) and refined incursions among guests and . 

Their shows can be enjoyed by audiences of any language, fate and age, children are also welcomed.

Following your tastes and communication wishes 3Chefs are available to prepare personalized menu to entertain with your themes.

Our kitchen is efficient and we can admirably serve from 1 to 10.000 people. Don’t miss the opportunity to reserve your meal on time, please don’t hesitate on contacting at

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